The Fault in Our Stars


So I had been looking forward to this day for a ageees! Last Friday the 11th of July, I finally saw The Fault in Our Stars movie.
I first heard of John Green’s book before Christmas last year, and immediately wanted to read it. I finished it in I think just over a week, I couldn’t put it down! The Fault in Our Stars is now one of my favourite books. I love his writing style, I love the quotes, and I think the mixture of truth and romance is just beautiful. This story made me laugh, cry, and feel something. As for the characters, I think Augustus Waters is one of my favourite fictional characters. I must admit I did fall in love with him just a little bit..

Once I finally saw the trailer, I became even more excited to see this story retold on the big screen. 
Unfortunately I had no time to see the movie when it first came out, which made me even more anxious. Then finally came a day when I was free! I even dragged my parents along to show them how amazing it was.
The movie really did the book justice. Firstly, I think that the casting of Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort was perfect for Hazel and Gus, they are both incredible actors. I really loved every second of this movie, for me, the essence of the book was really captured on screen.
And I had no doubt that I would be in a mess of sobs and tears, which I was. Shouldn’t have worn make up that day..
There are two movies that I uncontrollably sob every time I see them; My Dog Skip, My Sister’s Keeper, and now The Fault in Our Stars will be on that list.
I even think my body started to get emotional, because my leg decided to cramp up really badly near the end, and I couldn’t just stand up and stretch it out or say anything, and I wasn’t going to walk out!
I still felt sad hours after the movie had finished.

Obviously this is hard to write about without including any spoilers. I really do recommend this book, it’s a fantastic read and will really leave an impact on you. The same goes for the movie, just make sure you bring a box of tissues!
I’m already hanging out for it to come out on DVD.. Especially to see John Green’s deleted scene and any extra footage of Ansel..
Jess x

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