Stop the Suffering


Protesters at Dr. Walter Palmer’s Dental Clinic on July 29, 2015

If there is one thing I have always been passionate about, it’s putting an end to animal cruelty.

I am absolutely disgusted by all the reports on the news lately of the suffering that some so called human beings put animals through.

Some recent well-known cases include

The killing of Cecil the Lion by dentist, Dr Walter Palmer, for trophy hunting 

A group of malnourished and deceased horses being kept on Olympic wrestler, Bruce Akers’ Victorian property, 

Harambe the Gorilla’s death at Dallas Zoo after a boy falls into the enclosure – Not as much cruelty, but sad that a parents irresponsibility has cost the life of one of our endangered species

Beach goers capturing a shark and taking photos with it until it suffocates

And that’s only just to name a few that have been mentioned on the news, which is not even the beginning of how many cases of animal cruelty are still occurring.

The latest outrage for the poor treatment of animals is what occurs in the live export trade between Australia and Korea.

I could not bring myself to watch the original clip, the censored video below is heartbreaking enough for me.. It is absolutely disgusting that these heartless people can cause such fear and pain to an innocent animal.

Animals Australia have created a page to help end this cruelty, where you can share to spread awareness, as well as address a plea to your local MP. So please, just spare a few minutes of your day and help stop this suffering. Stop Animals Being Sledgehammered to Death in the Live Export Trade

It’s sickening and heartbreaking to see these beautiful animals suffer. The fear in their eyes brings tears to my own. When will animal cruelty end?!

There are so many things you can do to help promote Animal Welfare-

-Spread awesomeness on social media
-Contact your local MP about what you think needs attention
-Donate what you can/Raise money for non-profit charities
-Volunteer your time to local shelters
-Report sick or injured wildlife to Wildlife Victoria or your local vet clinic
-Research organisations and keep up to date with how you can support their work

Please. We have the ability to make the world a better place for the ones we share it with. Let’s put a stop to the suffering!

The least I can do I speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves – Jane Goodall
Jess xx
Related Links and Further Information 
Wildlife Victoria – 1300 094 535
*All images courtesy of Google Images*
Video retrieved from Vemo via Animals Australia

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