The Little Mermaid: My first Show!

For the last 4 months or so, I’ve been involved in Windmill Theatre Company’s production of The Little Mermaid, hitting the stage from June 10th to 26th.
As I have been dancing for 17 years I have of course been involved in many performances, my dance school putting on big end of year productions. But this was my first amateur theatre show away from that, and therefore my first semi-professional show!
And what an experience it was!

I auditioned back in around November, and was selected among about 40 others to be in the 13 adult ensemble members.
I was cast as water, a rainbow fish, a seagull, a can can maid, and a lillypad.



Rehearsal began in February two days a week, and the whole cast and crew worked immensely hard to bring this Disney classic to life by June!

The rehearsal process was very enjoyable, and moved at a quick pace. I loved being able to enjoy dancing once again, and work towards an end result. 
The week of the first performance we had production week in the theatre, which was highly stressful due to unforeseen problems, but once we hit opening night everyone put in their all!

For the next three weeks, both cast and crew put on an incredible 11 shows, to audiences who loved it each night! We even sold out closing night, which was a great end to the season. It’s the most amazing feeling hearing the applause, having the audience enjoy and appreciate what you do. But looking out and seeing kids in absolute awe made this show even more special, I thoroughly enjoyed performing in a kids show.  We received so much positive feedback, including a 4.5 star review from Theatre People!

What an amazing experience The Little Mermaid was! I have never felt as happy as I did performing on that stage with such an amazing company night after night, and to live my Disney dreams.

This show had been a huge part of my life, especially in the last few weeks, and it’s going to be so weird not going to rehearsals or the theatre.


Biggest thank you needs to go to our director, choreographer and musical director for allowing me to be apart of this phenomenal show, and for being such an inspiration to me. To the crew for all their hard work during the process. Of course to the beautiful and talented cast I got to share the stage with. And thank you to everyone who came and supported the show! It meant so much to have all my loved ones in the audience supporting me, and hearing how much they enjoyed it! And finally, thank you to my family, friends, and fellow cast members for all the beautiful flowers and letters.

I’m so proud of every member of the company, we truly did put on an incredible show! This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love being a part of amateur theatre, and I hope this is the first show of many!
Jess xx
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*Professional stage photography courtesy of Gavin D Andrew
Cast shots – Sean van Geyzel

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