Gorgeous Guinea Pigs: Meet Newt and Gus

Can we just talk about how cute guinea pigs are? Their little mouths and paws, their sweet little faces, their little fluff ball bodies, their noises, and the way they like to cuddle up into you. I love them!

I have had quite a few pet piggies over the years growing up, but after a few years break, I’ve recently fallen back in love with them, and now have two cute little boys at home; Newt and Gus!

I brought Newt home first (obviously I had to buy him a good size cage, bedding, food, ect, so I couldn’t afford two. Plus, he was the only one left.). He was about 8 weeks old when I got him, and is now a gorgeous boy of about 23 weeks/almost 6 months.
Even though I was looking after him very well, and gave him lots of daily cuddles, guinea pigs are very social animals, and I hated seeing him all alone in his cage. I wanted to get him a friend as soon as possible.
I have very recently just brought home Gus (short for Augustus), at 9 weeks, who is now 12 weeks old.

The two boys seem to get on quite well! Newt is very interested in Gus, and Gus always follows Newt around. Newt has already taken to being the dominant one, and I’m hoping he will be like a big brother to Gus. They also communicate with each other a lot.
Our dog Bella is also very interested in them, and Newt often pokes his nose out of his cage to her!


Newt looks to be a cross breed between a long-haired and Abyssinian guinea pig with a tri colour patterning, I love how unique he is. Obviously at times he gets cranky or jitterish, but overall he has a very sweet personality.

Sometimes he doesn’t like to come out of his cage, but once he has he loves being held and snuggling up! His often calm temperament means that I can sit on the grass with him (still being careful to keep a close eye on him) and he’ll just eat the grass or climb up on my lap. Newt also loves licking and nibbling fingers and faces (it may be because he thinks it’s food, but I’ll stick with that he’s giving kisses!) He will nibble anything he can, and makes loud squeaks when he knows I’m making his breakfast or dinner.

Newt is such a sweet little boy, with such a gorgeous personality! I love him very much.


Gus is more of a short haired breed. He is brown with a white patch, and has a cute little Abyssinian style crest on the top of his head. And his fur is so soft!

As he is still a baby and in a new environment, he is quite shy, so his personality is still coming out. He tends to run when I try to pick him up from his cage, and he can get scared quite easily. Although, similar to Newt, once he is being cuddled he seems quite happy. Gus also loves climbing around people’s necks! If I put him on the ground, he will often climb up onto my lap (if he doesn’t want to go exploring!)

Gus is such a cute boy! I can’t wait to see what type of piggy he becomes as he gets bigger. I love him.


If you too would like to own these gorgeous animals, please do your research to make sure they are the right pet for you. Not all animals suit every family, which is completely fine! Every pet deserves the best care that they can.
Here are my top tips for buying and owning guinea pigs.

Research on everything from buying to owning

There’s so much information online, and pet shops/breeders/vets will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Please also be aware of what you’re supporting. I got my guinea pigs from my local Best Friends Pet Supplies, where they get litters from breeders and other guinea pig owners. Sadly, some pet shops support puppy factories and cruel pet practices, and if we continue to purchase from them they will continue this cruelty 😦

Guinea pigs are big breeders! 

So if you don’t want baby piggies, keep to one gender if you have more than one in the same cage.

Reasonable size cage 

Guinea pigs need space, so make sure that you get a cage sufficient enough for your piggies to play, exercise, and places to snuggle and hide.

Also ensure that you allow time for them outside their cage (under supervision!)


Like any animal, there are things piggies can and can’t eat, and with some many different sites telling you different things, make sure you understand what you shouldn’t feed them.

Light leafy vegetables have a tenancy to make them sick, and fruit should only be given in moderation due to the highness in sugar.

Always be sure that they have access to clean, cool water.

I most commonly feed my guinea pigs carrots and spinach (remove the ends/stalks) twice a day, pellets, and have fresh hay (which is great for their teeth) always accessible in the cage. I also give them a bit of fruit occasionally as a treat.

Cleaning and bedding 

Cages should be properly cleaned at least once a week, in addition to tidying up scraps and droppings often.

Spray a solution of vinegar diluted with water, and wipe with a damp cloth. Let it soak in, and dry with paper towel.

I line my cage with newspaper, followed by a layer of wood shaving bedding outside, and hay in their sleeping box.

I have also included some especially made fleece bedding from Milo and Woody to keep them warm. As well as that, I put in some old half pillowcases for them to hide and snuggle in.

I wash this at least once a week in the laundry trough, with a small amount of soap powder (this doesn’t irritate my pig’s skin, but some washing solutions do, so be careful).


Guinea pigs need other piggy friends to play with, so it’s much better to not have one on their own as they can get very lonely.

They also love spending time with their owners, which can really help them if they are often nervous, so make you spend time with your guinea pig and give them lots of cuddles!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the cute new editions to my family! If you have any further questions about owning guinea pigs, please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to answer them.
Let me know in the comments if you own any guinea-pigs yourself, and any pets you have. I would love to hear about them!
Jess xx

Fleece bedding;
Milo & Woody on Etsy
        -Guinea Pig Cuddle Cups/Cavy Cup – $20
-Guinea Pig Snuggle/Cuddle sack (in Fruit Salad) – $10
Where I purchased my Cage, Wood shaving bedding, Hay, Pellets, Bowls, Water bottle, and Litter tray;

(Hay, Pellets and some of the other supplies can also be found at supermarkets)

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