Glitter and Great music: Troye Sivan’s Memorable Melbourne show

I’ve been a massive fan of Troye Sivan and his YouTube videos for a few years now, and when he released his first single, I knew I had to see him in concert the day he did a tour. That dream came true last Tuesday the 9th of August, as I, along with a face full of glitter, got to see the Blue Neighbourhood tour!

I was pretty happy with the seating tickets I got, as it was a good view of the stage. Plus, a new shirt to add to my tour merch collection as a reminder of the amazing night 🙂

The show opened with a combination of electropop music and red and blue lighting, followed by the supporting act Nicole Millar. I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t heard of her, until she played her well known song with Peking Duk ‘High’. She did a great performance!
After a short break (which was unusual for a concert!) Troye’s very own brother, Tyde Levi took the stage. With his upbeat DJ set, Tyde knew how to get the crowed excited, and it was impossible to sit down during it! I’m not a big club/party person, but really enjoyed dancing to that style of music in this environment. I really enjoyed Tyde’s performance, but was of course excited to finally see Troye..

The house lights changed to blue, the arena filled with smoke, and a single spotlight came up on the artist everyone was waiting to see. Troye began the show with his song Bite, his overall set containing a total of 15 songs.

Probably the most amazing moment in the show for me, was when Troye first spoke to the audience. He started by saying how Melbourne was the biggest show he had down so far, (in fact breaking the record for the biggest attendance for a music event in this arena) and how ‘little baby Troye’ would not believe how all this had happened. Following Troye for such a long time, there was such a sense of pride and happiness I felt seeing him up on that stage!

A few days before the show, Troye had asked the Melbourne crowd to put glitter on their faces and bring pride flags to the show, as it was his six year anniversary of his coming out. Troye then made a beautiful speech about his life as a young gay person, and how he has come to realise that if he shouldn’t have to change who he is. This lead into his song, Heaven, which after hearing it live has now become one of my favourite songs on the Blue Neighbourhood album. It is such a beautiful song, and became even more special hearing it sung live as Troye danced around the stage waving a pride flag.

Troye is spreading an incredible message, and is using this platform as a great way to raise awareness. While I am not gay and it is not my lifestyle choice, I one hundred percent support Troye. What gives me the right to deny someone else to be with or marry the person they love? When I found out Troye was gay, it didn’t change my opinion of him, I loved him more for the fact that he was being true to himself.

I had to film Happy Little Pill; the excitement of hearing his first official single live at his first Australian arena tour, which was done as a chilling acoustic rendition.

After leaving the stage, Troye came back to loud chant of his name by his hundreds of supporters,  to a song I was waiting to hear! Lost Boy is probably my favourite song on the album, and it was just wondrous!
He then finished his show with slightly changed version of Youth, the crowed yelling the lyrics back at him.

Not only is Troye a beautiful singer, but a truly incredible lyricist. How he represents the themes of his songs through certain wording and the way he strings them all together just amazes me. As a reader and writer, I really appreciate the artistic way Troye expresses himself through the lyrics he writes.

Just wow.
I felt so alive at this concert, and I am so happy I can add another cross to my bucket list.

I cannot even begin to say how amazing it all was. I am so proud of how far Troye has come, working so hard and overcoming so many obstacles. I can’t wait to see what bigger things the future has for this wonderful person.
It was the most spectacular night, and it felt wonderful supporting him with a face of glitter!

Jess xx

Check out Troye’s Videos here
Troye Sivan – YouTube


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