Sand Cloud – Products for Marine Conservation and Being a Brand Ambassador

While scrolling through Instagram a few days ago, I noticed a page for a brand called Sand Cloud, asking for Instagram Brand Ambassadors. What stood out to me was the main goal of this company; marine conservation. I wrote to them asking if I could use my blogging platform if I was successful as a brand ambassador, and well.. here we are!

This is just going to be an introduction to Sand Cloud; what they sell and what their mission is, as I have yet to order some of their stuff. However, as soon as I have I will be making a blog post about it 🙂


Sand Cloud is a company creating a range of beach products featuring towels, as well as accessories ranging from tops and beanies, to water bottles, stickers, and jewellery.

Their beautifully designed beach towels vary from boho, tie dye, and simply coloured styles. They also come in different sizes including a classic rectangular shape, circular shape, and beach blankets.
As for the accessories, the designs a subtle and tasteful, while still showing support for the conservation cause.

I will go in to more detail about the products in a later post, but today I want to talk about the amazing work Sand Cloud is doing for our oceans.


A Californian based company, Sand Cloud believes in the importance of ocean and environmental preservation, and marine life conservation, donating 10% of their net profits to organisations (including Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Centre and San Diego Coastkeeper). They are focused on creating products that raise awareness for these important issues, and spreading the message of protecting our oceans, beaches and marine life.

mission-infographic-small_1024x1024*Image courtesy of Sand Cloud*

Oceans are said to cover around 71% of the Earths surface, and as so many species reside in the water, the ocean takes up 99% of the planets living space.
I love just looking out at the sun reflecting off the water, the salty smell filling the air, cool water hitting against my ankles as my feet sink into the sand. Yet this incredible, scenic image can be destroyed with man made artefacts; oil spills, pollution, destroyed habitats, and illegal fishing.
Of course we as humans must live, but we do not need to compromise the rest of our planet to do this. Think of all the marine life that die due to being caught in, or consuming pollution; something that can be so easily avoided if we take responsibility for our actions! The earth’s oceans are such beautiful aspects of nature, and they need to be protected now, before we destroy them forever.


I remember when I was in grade 4, my teacher chose me to be a part of an Environmental Protection Authority program. I felt so excited and important to be involved in something that raised awareness for environmental conservation. I did so much research towards it, but I can hardly remember much more than that, however reading about Sand Cloud has reminded me of it!

As I stated above, Sand Cloud is based in California, and I live in Australia. I believe in supporting worldwide conservation programs, however there is an important issue occurring right now in my own country, that I think Sand Cloud would be perfect to support.

Located off the coast of Queensland is one of the seven wonders of the natural world; the Great Barrier Reef. Stretching over 3000km, and being the only living thing visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef is a truly amazing speculation. The reef is home to more than 400 different kinds of coral, over 1500 species of tropical fish, around 200 types of birds, and roughly 20 types of reptiles.
Yet the future of the reef is under pressure, due to issues such as climate change impacts, coral bleaching, and harmful chemicals being released into our oceans.

I am hoping that maybe Sand Cloud will one day become a global organisation, and support many oceans and causes around the world. Therefore, if enough people living in Australia join to become an ambassador of Sand Cloud, we can raise awareness of this wonderful brand within our country, and help support not only oceans around the world, but ones we have in our own backyard.


I am happy to have discovered Sand Cloud, and not only am I excited to use their stunning products, but begin writing and raising awareness about Marine Conservation.

Are you a brand ambassador for Sand Cloud, or thinking of becoming one now? Do you have a passion for or are involved in marine conservation? I would love to hear down in the comments!

Jess xx


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