Nova FM sent me to see Harry Styles!

It was an afternoon like any other – I was sitting outside, listening to the radio while getting some study done for uni. I had Nova FM turned up extra loud because they were giving away tickets to see Mr Harry Styles. I’m always one to enter radio competitions, so when they said to call now, I picked up the phone and continued dialing. I hoped I would get through, but didn’t get my hopes up. However, for one call it didn’t hang up or just ring out.. it started playing the music that was on the radio, and then the host of the show answered.. and told me I had won tickets to Harry Styles?!

33035974_1963836220301537_8379927506022563840_nBeing a fan of One Direction since 2012 (and being lucky enough to have seen them twice), I definitely wanted to see Harry’s solo tour, but missed out as tickets went so quickly. I had now been given the chance to see him!

And of course two days before the concert,  only I would I come down with a slight case of the flu.. (same with my mum, who I brought along). That wasn’t going to stop me from going! After a morning at uni, and then an appointment, we were finally on our way into the city to see Harry!

Even though doors had already opened, there was a huge line outside the venue when we arrived, as everyone was being security checked, and much more intensely then I have experienced at a concert. While there were the usual bag checks and taking lids of drink bottles (which I still don’t understand why), they had airport-style body scanners! I think this was because of the horrible events that occurred at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert. Of course it’s great to see them going the extra mile to keep everyone safe, it’s just sad that it has to be done, especially for things as fun as a concert.

On a lighter note though, it was almost time to see Harry!

Just after 9pm, the lights went down, the band started playing, and Harry hit that stage! His new music and rocky voice sounded incredible echoing throughout the arena! As well as his radiating presence on stage, both through his performance and cheeky bants with the audience (I love that dorky man). Throughout the night, he seemed to have a thing for singing Horses by Daryl Braithwaite, and got the audience to sing it before his encore, to which he came on dancing to. That was memorable for me, because my mum loves Daryl Braithwaite, who was in her favourite band, and we were seeing one of my favourite singers, from my favourite bands, loving it!

Just to hear my favourite songs from the album was amazing – Woman, Sweet Creature, Only Angel and Two Ghosts. He also did some new renditions of One Direction songs, which were great to hear (as well as singing to Olivia when it was played before he came out). Kiwi was definitely a highlight for me – that song is the best to just sing loudly and dance around crazily to!! What a way to end the show (not that I ever wanted it to end)!

I love Harry for so many reasons, and can honestly say he puts on an incredible show! He is so talented, super down to earth, and man is he handsome! I could sit here and write about my love for him, and how great his show was, but it would probably just turn into a mess of words to be honest..

I may have hardly had a voice or much energy, but I still sang with a croaky voice, and danced my heart out! I found it lovely how Harry said that tonight was a place we could have the time of out lives, and be whoever we wanted to be, and that’s exactly what I love about concerts – I forgot how unwell I was, I wasn’t thinking about anything else, I was just lost in the music.

A huge thank you to DC and Nova100! 2 weeks earlier, I thought I had missed out on seeing Harry, but thanks to you I was able to have the best time seeing him perform! So, thank you! I just want to relive this night over and over again – as I wanted to the last time I saw One Direction!

I’ve saved a story on my Instagram, filming a few snippets of songs too 🙂

And remember to always treat people with kindness ♡
Jess xx

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Things that make me sad, that I can’t change.

Sorry if this seems like a negative post. I don’t want my blog to be about complaining! This is just something I want to get off my chest, and hopefully it can be seen in a postive light by raising some awareness.

Imagine if someone granted you with the power to change anything about the world we live in? What one thing would you change?
I strongly admire people who want to make a difference and impact positive change. I want to be one of those people. However, I realised that there are just some things that are out of my control, no matter how much I work to change it. For me that’s (and I hate the term), road kill.

Nothing breaks my heart more than when I’m driving and see an animal that has been hit. In no way do I blame the driver, as more times than not it is simply an accident, and that’s probably the most frustrating thing about it – there is really nothing we can do to change this. Kangaroos jump out of nowhere, wombats come out during the dark, echidnas can be slow moving, the list goes on.
I used to think “why don’t we just put up a fence around all our roads?” Probably not the most well-thought idea.


There is one incident that will always stick with me. My parents were driving me to the train station, and on one of the windy roads there were a few cars that had stopped. A poor kangaroo had been hit (the lady felt so bad and was quite distraught, I felt sorry for her). My dad and I got out the check on the kangaroo, who was still alive. We didn’t know if it was a male or female, I think I was so concerned about the poor thing and didn’t even think to check for a pouch. The kangaroo was shaking from both pain and fear, and it’s back foot had snapped and was only hanging by its skin. My dad got a blanket from the car to cover it with, to help it calm down. It was letting me pat it, and I wished that I had the power to make everything better for the poor thing.
We were told there was nothing we could do about it, and the police came and had to put it down 😦

To this day I still regret not taking the poor thing in. I know you have to be a registered wildlife carer, but I believe after some veterinary care, the kangaroo could have a had a chance, and I could have helped rehabilitate it. I also regret not even thinking to check the pouch.

This incident made me determined to help injured wildlife, and I am hoping to undertake training to become a wildlife carer one day soon.


There are so many things I want to change about the world, such as animal cruelty and disrespect for the planet we live on, which can be done through education and hard work. This however is something that will probably never change.

The only thing we can do is be alert when driving, and check pouches where you can.
As I live in Australia, a lot of the animals I see on the side of the road are marsupials, especially kangaroos and wombats. If you are in a situation when one of these animals has been hit, please check if it is a female – it could be carrying a baby in it’s pouch, and you could save a life.
There is also help you can call, obviously depending on what state/country you live in, which can be found by a simple google search. I’ve linked the information for Victoria below.


On a happier note, here’s a photo of a wallaby I often see grazing on our property 🙂

If you had the power to change one thing about the world, what would it be? Let me know comment section below 🙂

RIP beautiful kangaroo ❤

Jess xx


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Tackling Mange in Wombats – how we can help Wombat Welfare in Victoria

I am constantly seeing wombats suffering with mange where I live, but it wasn’t until I learnt in one of my classes at uni that you can volunteer to help in the treatment of this disease in your area, that I knew I needed to do something.

Mange Management is a non-profit organisation, consisting of volunteers who work to treat and reduce the impact of mange in wombats found in their natural habitat. The program is set up in places across Victoria, where mange is most common.

Due to little or no support from the government, the task of treating and euthanizing (when the disease is not treatable) has been left to these volunteer wildlife careers, and people willing assist in their own backyards.

Mange is described as a skin disease in mammals caused by parasitic mites, and is characterised by severe itching, hair loss, and the formation of scabs and lesions.
If untreated, mange can also lead to an incredibly painful death.


Treatment is done via two methods, using a chemical called Cydectin (this is a poisoness chemical, and must be handled with care).

The first method is Direct Application with a pole and scoop, and is used if the wombat is approachable and has a serve case of mange. The wombat is approached slowly, and the Cydectin is poured along it’s back at the healthiest area. This treatment is done once a week, and after around 4-5 weeks improvement should occur.
Once the wombat settles back into its nocturnal behaviour, method two is implemented.

This method is known as the Burrow Flap. Volunteers have made flaps out of an ice cream container lid, and milk bottle top, that works similar to a doggy-door over the wombats burrow entrance. A dose of Cydectin is filled in the bottle top, and as the wombat enters and exits its home, the flap moves to allow the treatment to pour onto the wombat’s back. The chemical is replaced once a week for 8 weeks, followed by fortnightly for 4 additional treatments.

For a more detailed explanation of how treatment is administered, please visit here.


We have seen wombats grazing on our property for years, and come across multiple wombat borrows, and having seen many cases of mange create a poor life for wombats in our area, we are very keen to help eradicate this issue!


With help from Mange Management, we have been provided with a Treatment Kit (pictured right), as well as the knowledge and awareness to volunteer in the treatment and care of wombat welfare.




To help raise awareness of this cause and terrible condition, I am hoping to document the work we do, here on this blog or my YouTube Channel, so make sure you keep an eye on those!


If you would like to get involved in your area, I have linked Mange Management’s website below, which has their contact details, as well as any further information.


Finally, if you see a wombat that you suspect has mange, or is in need of help, you can report it HERE.


Jess xx

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*information for this post has been gathered from the Mange Management website*
*Wombat images have been taken from google*