Anime.. it’s Amazing

Bit of a random/nerdy post today, and not something I would usually blog about, but anime is definitely something I have always geeked out about. A lot of people would say that it’s childish to watch cartoons at an older age (who cares anyway, it’s entertainment), but I think anime can be appreciated differently as an adult. Anime shows that are aimed at an older audience contain stronger adult themes. However, my favourite thing about anime is the art style – it’s absolutely beautiful! The music is wonderful, the drawings and scenery are stunning, and all the characters are gorgeous – what’s not to love?

Watching anime was something I did quite often when I was younger. I loved shows including Pokemon, Sailor Moon (I even dressed as Sailor Venus for my Year 12 Muck Up Day), Cardcaptors, Hamtaro, OnePiece, and Digimon. It was only around last year, that I discovered how amazing adult anime is!

This isn’t a recommendation post, as I haven’t watched enough of the anime that is out there, nor do I consider myself an expert of it. It is more of review, talking about the ones I have watched, and if you wanted to begin watching some yourself.

So here’s a rundown of what I’ve recently watched 🙂 (With no spoilers!)

Death Note (2006)

This was the first older anime I watched (due to the association people made between the main characters and Dan and Phil), and it was such a good choice, because it started my love for anime again.

The show is about a boy names Light Yagami, who finds a book called the ‘Death Note’, after it has been dropped by a Shinigami (Gods of Death) into the human world. Basically any name you write within this book – dies! Light decides he wants to rid the world of all evil, and creates an alias known as Kira. There is a detective named L, who is working to put a stop to all the deaths caused by Kira.

I think this is a really great anime to start with. It has drama and suspense, and it’s dark but still contains a bit of comedy. Obviously from the title, there is a lot of death, but it’s not overly violent.
The main character contrast was also good. Light was a high academic achiever, with a bright future, and always seemed to be well presented. Although, I definitely had a soft spot for L, with his messy hair and unique habits, he always looked like he just rolled out of bed – but his mind was amazing.
With 37 episodes all up, each around 20 minutes, it’s not too long to watch. It did take me a few episodes to get into it, but after the first 4 or 5, I was ANIME3hooked!
I will say that there was parts of the anime I wasn’t too happy with, but I think the story took a good direction, with a very powerful ending.

This show had me on the edge of my seat! Whether it was because it was the first one I watched, or I just simply enjoyed it, it was most likely always be one of my favourites.


Sword Art Online (2012, 2014)

This story follows a boy name Kirito, who enters the newly released, Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), Sword Art Online. After a short time within the game, the players soon discover that they cannot log out; the only way is by defeating the 100th floor. Plus, if they die in the game, they die in real life! Kirito, a highly skilled player, teams up with Asuna, both determined to defeat the game.

This was an amazing anime. I felt that the story line was really compelling, and the idea
of dying in the game and real life was intense. Although, not sure if I’ll be playing VR anytime soon..images
I thought that Kirito and Asuna were both really good characters. I’ve heard that a lot of people weren’t big fans on the romance included within the show, but I felt that it was quite nice, and not over the top.

This anime is a slightly longer one, with 49 episodes and 2 seasons. It also has 4 main arcs throughout the show, which I didn’t mind as you got to see different story lines, however, I felt the first part of season 1 was the best. It was also difficult to get into the beginning of each arc, but within a few episodes, I was hooked once again.

Overall, this is a really good anime! Definitely in my top favourites.


Your Lie in April (2014)

Much different the the previous two shows, Your Lie in April tells the story of a young pianist prodigy named Kousei Arima. After the death of his mother at a young age, Kousei’s life became dull, and he is unable to play the piano to the same ability. He then meets another young musician; a violinist named Kaori, who brings a spark back into his life and reminds Kousei how incredible music can be.

The aesthetic of this anime is amazing! The scenery and the colouring (and all the cherry blossoms) were beautiful! It just made me want to visit Japan even more!
In only 22 episodes, it told a heartbreaking, and beautiful story. I wouldn’t class this as a favourite, but I am glad I watched it – a very powerful story about friendship and having passion in your life.



Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

A sports anime revolved around figure skating, this is the story of Yuri Katsuki who, after countless defeats, seems to be done with skating, until he meets Russian champion Victor Nikiforov. After performing a rendition of a routine by the champion skater, Victor agrees to become Yuri’s coach, and train him for the next season. This then causes conflict from 15-year old Russian prodigy, Yuri Plisetsky, who also asked Victor to be his coach. The show follows both of the Yuri’s training leading up to the Grand Prix series, as well as the relationships between the characters (particular Yuri. K and Victor). Yuri_on_Ice_Key_Visual

A very popular anime, this was beautiful, intense, and funny. I was so invested in the skating scenes, that I would actually gasp if a skater fell. Plus, the routines were beautifully choreographed.
Yuri Plisetsky was definitely a highlight character for me. Not only was he an amazing skater, but he was so sassy and angry – it was great! He also did have a kind side in his own away, and I loved his obsession with tiger themed clothing.

I really enjoyed watching this anime, however, the season was also only 12 episodes long, so I’m looking forward to a second season (hopefully).


Attack on Titan (2013, 2016)

Back to the death theme, Attack on Titan is the story of humanity fighting against giant human-like creatures, called Titans; who eat people! It focuses on the main character, Eren, along with his foster sister, Mikasa and friend Armin. Eren is determined to destroy all the Titan’s after his mother is killed, and the three of them enlist in the military, training to become Scouts and fight against the Titans.

As such a popular show, I had been meaning to watch this for so long, but was always reluctant because of how horrific and harrowing it is. However, now that I’ve watched it, it is definitely one of my favourites! I finished Season 1 in 8 days..

Season 2 has only just started airing, and there’s only so much I can say about the show without spoiling it. I made the mistake of starting season 2, meaning I have to wait weekly for episodes, which is worse when so many of the episodes end on a cliffhanger! So I’ve decided now to just wait until it’s all out, and binge watch it).

Obviously, the themes in this show are a little more confronting, but the action is so good; all the fighting scenes are intense! Also, the music is so exhilarating, I sometimes just listen to it (and attempt to sing along in Japanese). I do like a lot of the characters in this show; I think Eren is a good main character, and a lot of the female characters are quite strong (Petra and Sasha are great). However, I think Captain Levi would have to be my favourite. Most of the time he has the same moody expression, and monotone voice, and I love that. He is also a great solider.

I am currently quite obsessed with this show; definitely in my top favourites!



There always seems to be online arguments with people saying that the Japanese/English subbed versions are better. While I think it’s great to watch them as they were originally intended, I am definitely more of a fan of the English Dub. Firstly, I think it’s because I grew up obviously watching anime in English, so it reminds me of that. Also, I really like to appreciate the story, drawing, and art of anime, something I would struggle with if I was reading subtitles. It’s definitely a personal preference.

With so many shows, where can it all be watched? I use the online streaming service AnimeLab, it’s basically Netflix for Anime!
You can access it for free, and watch shows with English Subtitles and adds, or become a premium subscriber for just $6.95 a month, which allows you access to English Dub (if available) and exclusive shows. I have been a subscriber for a while now, and think it is worth it if you’re a fan. You definitely get your money’s worth, and you’re supporting anime creators.


Well, that’s my little review on recent anime series’ I’ve watched. Let me know in the comments if you’re also a fan of anime, and if you’ve enjoyed any of these shows – I’d love to nerd out about them!

Now to delve into my list of anime shows to watch next..

Jess x


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As of this post, all the shows I spoke about are on AnimeLab, excluding Yuri!!! On Ice.

*Pictures courtesy of Google Images


Meeting Dan and Phil!

Yesterday was a huge mix of emotions! I was finally able to meet two people who have had such a huge impact, and brought so much happiness into my life – Dan Howell and Phil Lester!

I have been a huge fan of these two dorks since 2013 (or late 2012), when I was on a gap year for my mental health, between high school and university. It was around this time I was discovering YouTubers, when I kept coming across gifs on tumblr of two entertaining (and very cute) guys.
I decided to check out their videos, and I haven’t looked back since. They were so funny and entertaining, and had so much personality and individualism. I loved their sense of humor, and how awkward and nerdy they were (just like me!)

It has been since then, that I have been waiting for them to come to Australia, where I could have the chance to meet them. I was so excited when I heard they were bringing their tour, The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire, to Australia, and I was there at 10am ready to buy tickets! I was absolutely heartbroken when meet and greet tickets sold out instantly, and by the time I had to give up on trying to get them, most of the general tickets still available were at the back. Unfortunately, when a second show went on sale, I didn’t have the money. I was so upset that I would miss out on even seeing them, and thought it would be ages before they traveled back to Australia.

So I couldn’t believe it when they announced the following year that they would be returning! Even though I really didn’t have the money, I couldn’t miss out on seeing these two people who made me smile so much. After an hour and a half, and many problems occurring with ticket sales (but that’s a whole other story!), I managed to get a hold of a meet and greet ticket – I would be meeting Dan and Phil!

Now we reach yesterday.. It’s such a weird feeling meeting people you have admired behind a computer screen for so many years. After buying tickets, I knew the day would one day come, but at the same time you feel it isn’t really going to ever happen, they would be right there. In person.

Dan and Phil’s meet and greet was first, and we were all sat down in the auditorium waiting our turn. I had met some lovely new friends, but I was becoming more nervous as time went on! After what felt like only minutes, my time to meet them had finally come..! I had a few ideas for poses, but that went out the window thanks to all my overwhelmed feelings! (hopefully next time)

So this is how it went down. Excuse the cliche and cringe!

Dan was the first I saw when I walked in, and I actually ran towards him – probably nearly knocking him over. He held his arms out and we hugged. Then I turned to Phil to hug him, and I could feel myself begin to break down. I covered my face, and then Dan offered to take the selfie, I think he could see how overwhelmed I was. I laughed and said yes, him saying that he will probably blink or something. So I stood between them and he took multiple photos, everything happened so quickly I didn’t even know what face I was pulling, and I don’t remember any exchange of the phone.

I then turned back to them and thanked them for showing me that even though I’m 23, I can still be awkward and nerdy, and be happy with myself. I turned to Phil and he looked so genuine with his head tilted to the side and such caring eyes. Dan then said not too worry as they will always be awkward for me! I then gave them each one more hug before having to say goodbye.

And here comes the awkward inner fangirl dialogue.

To be honest, I don’t really remember what was actually said by any of us – it was all just a blur of excitement and nerves! One thing I do remember is that Dan was incredibly talkative and lovely, and Phil’s hugs just made me melt. I didn’t want to let go of either of them.

I even think that I was so freaking nervous to speak to Phil, that I didn’t fully appreciate him being there enough. He also seemed quite shy. And they were tall! However, I think I had dramatized my expectations, as I was imagining them to be taller. Plus, they were both incredibly handsome in person.

I was so nervous, that I couldn’t think of anything that I had planned to say, so I’m a bit annoyed at myself for that. I think if I was a bit more confident, I would have been able to have more of a conversation with them. I hope they weren’t freaked out by how emotional I was, I would have  liked to have played itimg_9891.jpg cool, but it seems that just isn’t my style.

They also signed my DAPGO book, which somehow ended up back in my hands? Plus, I wrote them a short letting thanking them for all they have done for me, so I do hope they have the chance to read it.

I hate how quickly the whole thing was over! This massive build up, only to be over in a matter of seconds. You feel like you always have to be rushed on quickly with these things, which does suck because you do pay so much (not that Dan and Phil made me feel like that). Plus, I’ve woken up feeling quite sad this morning that it’s all over just like that, and in a way I miss them. I will say one thing though, I definitely think the TATINOF meet and greet tickets were much more justified.. but this is a positive post, so I won’t get into that.

I’m just so grateful that I had that chance to meet them both!

Oh! And their set!

While it was only 20 minutes, Dan and Phil had me smiling from ear to ear while they were on stage! They did a Dan vs Phil, which consisted of five rounds – Australian accents, blindfold drawing, guessing the marsupial mating call, the 7 Second Challenge, and wombat launching – apparently an ancient Olympic sport in Australia.

Both of them have such a great presence on stage, and put on a very entertaining performance! I was laughing so much, and truly enjoyed myself. As one of the headliners, I think  they should have had a longer set time – but at the end of the day, it could have been their decision, and I can respect that.

Love the iconic spelling mistake. And what works of art. 

On the very off chance that Dan and Phil read this, I just wanted to say the biggest thank you. Not only for being so lovely and understanding when meeting me, and for putting on a very entertaining show, but for having such a huge impact on my life. Meeting you two awkward nerds, has made this awkward nerdy so so happy! You have truly given me a happy life, and I cannot thank you enough for making me laugh and smile. You show me that even though I’m 23, I can be awkward and nerdy, and that’s okay! Watching your videos allows me to forget about my anxiety and depression, and just be happy. I love you both so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(I also wrote this in a little letter I gave them, on Peter Rabbit stationary)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Australia, and that you come back for your own tour real soon (particularly Melbourne) – after a much deserved break!

Being a fan of you is the most fun I’ve ever had.

Jess xx

“It’s a good thing to be strange. Normalness leads to Sadness” – Phil Lester

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Meeting Dinosaurs at Jurassic World: The Exhibition

My inner child (and 22 year old self) was very happy and exited seeing the Jurassic World Exhibition a few days ago! As a kid, I was an absolute dinosaur geek; I had a bag full of plastic dinosaurs which I use to play with outside and build houses for. So when I saw the Melbourne Museum was holding a Jurassic World Exhibition complete with giant animatronic dinosaurs, I knew I would regret not going!

Mum and I got there around lunch time, later than we would have hoped, and sessions were already selling out (it was the last few days, plus grand final weekend). We were lucky that we got tickets to the 4:30 session, and this gave us time to look around the museum. We use to come here all the time when I was younger, and I forgot how much I loved it!

We made our way to line up around 4:20, and didn’t get into the exhibition until around 5:30! The line was insane! But that did not stop my excitement..

After getting a photo looking scared on a green screen, we begin the exhibition! We all walked in a room that was set up as a simulation to appear as though we were travelling on a boat to the island. A lady on a screen was broadcasting ‘live’ and explaining to us what we can expect from the park.

The doors then opened and we were lead through the entrance of the park, and to the first dinosaur encounter; a Brachiosaurus! It was gigantic, and only showed from the neck up. The excitement definitely picked up here, and even though they were animatronics they looked so real and it made me so happy to really see them.
As you walked on, there was another dinosaur hiding in amongst the trees (I didn’t see the name of the species, but I think it might have been a Parasaurolophus)

You then walked into another room which had a Triceratops with her baby behind a fence. This is one of my favourite dinosaurs, so I was so excited to see one! It was really amazing how not only did their heads move, but their eyes blinked and they moved their legs! They were just stunning!

Next, you walked into a lab that contained eggs, baby dinosaurs, and experiments and discoveries. It looked so cool!
To exit this room, there was a door saying there was a show starting every few minutes. As you went through, you were led into a small theatre like room where the lady on the screen was talking more about the park and giving information about the t-rex species. Suddenly, a red alert went off saying that a dinosaur had escaped. The lights behind us started flashing and the door suddenly opened. Mum and I were expecting a dinosaur to break in during the suspense, but then a man poked his head around the corner and said to follow him. Definitely anti-climatic!

In this room there was a truck, and the sound of a goat. Lights started flashing and a Tyrannosaurus Rex appeared and made it’s way towards the truck. It started pushing at it, trying to get something to eat. This was a really exciting aspect of the exhibition. Mum said, even though you know it’s not real, you do feel a little scared, considering how small and vulnerable we are compared to them, and I completely agree.

The next part contained my other favourite dinosaur, a Stegosaurus. It was beautiful, and so huge! Plus, the plates on it’s back were amazing.
Then there was a light and the sound of a helicopter, followed by an appearance of the lady on the screen, saying there was another situation and everyone had to evacuate. Another carnivorous dinosaur appeared, which had been genetically created, and was acting angrily and scaring the Stegosaurus.

You then made your way between both the dinosaurs in a dark tunnel, and exited into the final room. It contained a model of a dinosaur femur, information about discoveries around Australia, and a recent bone they discovered in Victoria, which was very cool!

I was a little disappointed that we had already reached the end 😦 (mum and I even went back so we could see them one more time..)
I wanted to buy something little from the gift shop to remember this, so I got a little triceratops to go on my keys.

I am so happy I got to see this amazing exhibition, although I do wish it had gone on for a bit longer.. Plus I was so excited seeing the dinosaurs that I didn’t really read any of the information which I was a little annoyed at myself about. Also, because everything was happening you wanted to keep making your way through, so I kind of wish I had more time to enjoy it. However, I still think it was definitely worth the money, and I loved every second of it!

Because it was such an inclusive exhibition, you really felt as though you were apart of it!
I could not stop smiling through out the whole thing. I felt like a little kid in complete awe!

The environment of it was amazing, the dinosaurs were beautiful and the animatronics were incredible, and I was completely immersed the whole time. I had such a wonderful day, and loved getting to share it with my mum.

I find learning about Dinosaurs so interesting! They were truly such amazing and stunning creatures, and maybe one day I may even get to study them even more.

I also filmed the experience to edit into a little vlog, which you can watch below 🙂

Jess xx

*Photography/Footage taken by me, however all rights go to Melbourne Museum and the Jurassic World Franchise*

Melbourne Writers Festival 2016

As you most likely already know from this blog, I want to be a writer and publish my own stories in the future. This year I heard of the great event known as the Melbourne Writers Festival by discovering an author I loved was going, and knew I had to be there.

I was lucky enough to have the events I wanted to go to, happening on one Sunday of the ten day festival, and that was seeing authors Rainbow Rowell (Fangirl, Eleanor and Park, Carry On) and David Levithan (Will Grayson Will Grayson, Nick and Norah’s Infinate Playlist, The Lover’s Dictionary).

First up I went to a talk featuring both Rainbow and David, ‘YA Superstars’. Some of my favourite books are Young Adult novels, and are something I would love to write, so I found this very interesting and inspiring. However, the best part of this talk was when Rainbow and David both read excerpts from their novels You Know Me Well and Carry On, it was fantastic and hilarious! Both authors worked really well together, and it was a really intriguing talk.

Following that, I got to meet the authors and have my books (Fangirl and Will Grayson Will Grayson) signed, which was very exciting, but I was also a bit nervous!
I also wanted to make sure I could learn at least one thing from these wonderful authors.

When meeting Rainbow Rowell, I wanted to let her know that her book Fangirl showed me that even at 22, it was okay to be my geeky self. I then asked her how she uses inspiration from other works to create her own without replicating it, and she told me that when you go to write, it will all come out through yourself.
Fangirl also helped me with accepting my social anxiety, so it was wonderful being able to see the author who did that for me.

I then got to meet David Levithan, who was lovely! I discovered him through his collaboration with John Green on the novel Will Grayson Will Grayson, which I just could not put down. I asked him if he finds it better to plan a story or to just start writing and see what comes. He said that your usually one or the other, and he was giving me his perspective from both an author and a publisher. And I think I was so nervous, that I forgot his actual answer!!

Later on in the day I went to my second talk featuring Rainbow Rowell and Lev Grossman, which was all about Fantasy! I am a huge fan of fantasy stories, and would just love to write my own world one day! I really enjoyed this talk, and loved how it featured so many references to other fantasy books including Harry Potter and Narnia.
There were two notes in regards to writing fantasy books that I took away from this seminar:

  • – The Ice-Berg Theory; Just like an ice berg, the fantasy novel can have 10% of the story, and then 90% of that world that the reader doesn’t see. A good fantasy book is when the author makes reference and shows the reader that is another 90% to the world, beyond what they’re reading.
  • – A good fantasy book is not one that completely forgets about reality and creates a whole different world, but one that acknowledges reality exists and shows a world to escape that.

I also wanted to see Graham Base, who wrote some amazing books from my childhood such as Animalia and The Waterhole, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a talk or signing he was doing on the Sunday.
But I did see Yann Martel doing his signing (but I didn’t go), who wrote Life of Pie. A really good book I studied in Year 12. He would have been very inspiring to listen to.

My only criticism about the festival would be that I think it would work slightly better if it was held like Pop Culture Conventions, at the Showgrounds or Convention Centre. I can understand Federation Square is great for the cultural side to it, and it most likely works better to hold all the talks. I just think if it would be better all held in the one place, ‘under the same roof’, and there could be book and nerdy merch stalls. That would be amazing!

Mum and I were also really excited to see the Roald Dahl exhibition, but sadly it was only about three boards with different book cover canvases..

Overall, I had a really lovely day, especially getting to spend it with my family.

I learnt a lot, and was influenced by some amazing, creative people. I do hope I can attend again next year, and meet some more of my favourite writers.

Jess xx

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

July 31st, 2016 was the day I never thought I would say the words ‘the 8th Harry Potter book has been released!’

While I was of course excited about new Harry Potter content, I was a little sceptical about enjoying it as much, due to it being a playwright rather than a novel. However, that was not the case! I got lost in the world of Harry Potter as much as I did with any of the other books in the series, and really enjoyed reading the new story.

I didn’t end up getting the book the day it came out, like the majority of Harry Potter fans (last book release I was lucky enough to get the hardcover of the final book from my dad!) While I definitely went to get it when I was at the book shop, I found it to be sold out at many places. But on the Thursday after the release, I ventured into the beautiful and massive Dymocks in Melbourne and was thrilled to see they had many in stock!

On top of that, the Melbourne Dymocks store had set up the store in celebration of the release! There was so much Harry Potter merch, house flags, floating candles, and classroom set ups! It took me right back to my childhood, when Harry Potter promotion and merchandise was everywhere.
I remember Myer use to have a pop up Harry Potter store within the shop, and I can tell you that I would give anything for that to exist again, I really took it for granted..

Speaking of being a kid again, that’s exactly the excitement I felt having a new Harry Potter book in my hands! I just couldn’t wait to finish my uni class and get back home to read it.

The following contains spoilers!


One thing about The Cursed Child, was that it gave me closure about the previous Harry Potter stories, so thank you JK Rowling!
Firstly, about Harry, Ron, Hermione, and even Draco; hearing more about their relationships with each other, and their careers.
But also closure about the children; the last book didn’t give an insight into what the new generation was like, so it was nice focusing on them in this story. (Although, this book mainly concentrates on Albus Potter and Scorpios Malfoy, and I was left wondering what happened to Teddy Lupin..)

What I also loved about this next instalment was how the plot revolved a lot around Time and incorporated the past events of the Tri Wizards Tournament. It really made me think how much JK Rowling would have worked on the story, and how careful she had to be with details, to connect everything together! And I wonder how long she has know about what happens 19 years later..
Then there’s Albus and Scorpios tampering with the past to right Harry’s wrong, and prevent Cedric from being killed, and in turn, completely changing the future! I love how JK Rowling incorporated how important Neville was to the story. Considering he could easily have been the chosen one, and if he died, there would have been no one to kill Nagini and Voldemort would live! I was on the edge of my seat reading these parts of the story, and it was absolutely stressing me out!

But undoubtedly the biggest twist in The Cursed Child was, who I believe, the title cursed child was. I often speculated what the Harry Potter titles refer to while reading them, and had an assumption that the curse belonged to Albus, or even Harry, but I was completely shocked when I found out who Delphi, truly was.. It was the biggest shock to hear that Voldemort had a daughter.. to Bellatrix Lestrange!

Also, how awesome was Scorpios Malfoy?! He was so sweet and dorky, I loved him!



After closing the book I was left with similar feelings I had the last time the Harry Potter story finished.. I just laid on the floor, wondering what to do with my life now..?
That’s the frustrating thing about a good book, you want to finish it.. but at the same time, you really don’t!

I have to thank JK Rowling once again for bringing us back to the wonderful, magical world! Harry Potter will not only be a huge part of my time growing up, but it will always be a part of my life.

I now hope that I get the opportunity to see the play in the near future!

Let me know in the comments what you thought of The Cursed Child, and how excited you were for a new Harry Potter story!

Now I’m probably going to have yet another Harry Potter movie marathon, and wonder why I still haven’t received my Hogwarts letter..

Jess xx

Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. – JK Rowling

Pokemon Go: The App I wish I could show my younger self

This is just going to be a short post, as I feel like I owe it to a younger version of me.

As you are sure to know by now, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm over the past few weeks! Growing up, I was obsessed with Pokemon; I watched the show and movies, played the games, collected the cards, and had so many Pokemon toys. I always wished that I could be a Pokemon Trainer myself, and go around and collect Pokemon of my own.

So you can image how excited the child within felt when Pokemon Go was released!
Annoyingly, I could’t download it straight away and was very jealous of my friends who had it. But about a week or so after it’s release, my phone allowed me to download it, and my nerdy self was far too excited!

Although it’s a pain with how much it drains your phone battery, and is still having some glitches, there is so many things I love about the app!

I feel like a real Pokemon Trainer!
I love being able to physically walk around in the real world, catching Pokemon and visiting stops and gyms! While it is structured differently to the classic game, with no battling (yet!), and collecting multiple of the same Pokemon, I feel like I have a virtual trainer alter ego in my pocket!

The app promotes being active
It’s great how this is a game that requires you to be physically active, rather than sitting around playing to get to the next level. I think it’s such a wonderful way to use technology to promote the importance of exercise to a world that is so revolved around electronic systems, especially in such a fun and nostalgic way!
Also, stop blaming the app for all this stupid behaviour associated with it, such as driving while playing, that’s just idiotic people..

Bringing people together
Probably my favourite thing about the app is how it brings people together. I’m quite an introverted person, but lately my friends and I have been using the app to go for drives or trips to the park, and it’s fantastic! We spent hours walking around a lake last week (after a lovely brunch catch up) exercising and chatting, while building our Pokemon collection.

The app has really rekindled my love for Pokemon. I may be 22, but I’m remembering why I loved it so much, and finding it enjoyable from a different perspective. Alongside Disney and Harry Potter, Anime, and particularly Pokemon, is just one of the nerdy things about me 🙂

If only I could tell my 8 year old self, that her geeky Pokemon obsession was about to completely blow her mind!

Jess xx