Anime.. it’s Amazing

Bit of a random/nerdy post today, and not something I would usually blog about, but anime is definitely something I have always geeked out about. A lot of people would say that it’s childish to watch cartoons at an older age (who cares anyway, it’s entertainment), but I think anime can be appreciated differently as an adult. Anime shows that are aimed at an older audience contain stronger adult themes. However, my favourite thing about anime is the art style – it’s absolutely beautiful! The music is wonderful, the drawings and scenery are stunning, and all the characters are gorgeous – what’s not to love?

Watching anime was something I did quite often when I was younger. I loved shows including Pokemon, Sailor Moon (I even dressed as Sailor Venus for my Year 12 Muck Up Day), Cardcaptors, Hamtaro, OnePiece, and Digimon. It was only around last year, that I discovered how amazing adult anime is!

This isn’t a recommendation post, as I haven’t watched enough of the anime that is out there, nor do I consider myself an expert of it. It is more of review, talking about the ones I have watched, and if you wanted to begin watching some yourself.

So here’s a rundown of what I’ve recently watched 🙂 (With no spoilers!)

Death Note (2006)

This was the first older anime I watched (due to the association people made between the main characters and Dan and Phil), and it was such a good choice, because it started my love for anime again.

The show is about a boy names Light Yagami, who finds a book called the ‘Death Note’, after it has been dropped by a Shinigami (Gods of Death) into the human world. Basically any name you write within this book – dies! Light decides he wants to rid the world of all evil, and creates an alias known as Kira. There is a detective named L, who is working to put a stop to all the deaths caused by Kira.

I think this is a really great anime to start with. It has drama and suspense, and it’s dark but still contains a bit of comedy. Obviously from the title, there is a lot of death, but it’s not overly violent.
The main character contrast was also good. Light was a high academic achiever, with a bright future, and always seemed to be well presented. Although, I definitely had a soft spot for L, with his messy hair and unique habits, he always looked like he just rolled out of bed – but his mind was amazing.
With 37 episodes all up, each around 20 minutes, it’s not too long to watch. It did take me a few episodes to get into it, but after the first 4 or 5, I was ANIME3hooked!
I will say that there was parts of the anime I wasn’t too happy with, but I think the story took a good direction, with a very powerful ending.

This show had me on the edge of my seat! Whether it was because it was the first one I watched, or I just simply enjoyed it, it was most likely always be one of my favourites.


Sword Art Online (2012, 2014)

This story follows a boy name Kirito, who enters the newly released, Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), Sword Art Online. After a short time within the game, the players soon discover that they cannot log out; the only way is by defeating the 100th floor. Plus, if they die in the game, they die in real life! Kirito, a highly skilled player, teams up with Asuna, both determined to defeat the game.

This was an amazing anime. I felt that the story line was really compelling, and the idea
of dying in the game and real life was intense. Although, not sure if I’ll be playing VR anytime soon..images
I thought that Kirito and Asuna were both really good characters. I’ve heard that a lot of people weren’t big fans on the romance included within the show, but I felt that it was quite nice, and not over the top.

This anime is a slightly longer one, with 49 episodes and 2 seasons. It also has 4 main arcs throughout the show, which I didn’t mind as you got to see different story lines, however, I felt the first part of season 1 was the best. It was also difficult to get into the beginning of each arc, but within a few episodes, I was hooked once again.

Overall, this is a really good anime! Definitely in my top favourites.


Your Lie in April (2014)

Much different the the previous two shows, Your Lie in April tells the story of a young pianist prodigy named Kousei Arima. After the death of his mother at a young age, Kousei’s life became dull, and he is unable to play the piano to the same ability. He then meets another young musician; a violinist named Kaori, who brings a spark back into his life and reminds Kousei how incredible music can be.

The aesthetic of this anime is amazing! The scenery and the colouring (and all the cherry blossoms) were beautiful! It just made me want to visit Japan even more!
In only 22 episodes, it told a heartbreaking, and beautiful story. I wouldn’t class this as a favourite, but I am glad I watched it – a very powerful story about friendship and having passion in your life.



Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

A sports anime revolved around figure skating, this is the story of Yuri Katsuki who, after countless defeats, seems to be done with skating, until he meets Russian champion Victor Nikiforov. After performing a rendition of a routine by the champion skater, Victor agrees to become Yuri’s coach, and train him for the next season. This then causes conflict from 15-year old Russian prodigy, Yuri Plisetsky, who also asked Victor to be his coach. The show follows both of the Yuri’s training leading up to the Grand Prix series, as well as the relationships between the characters (particular Yuri. K and Victor). Yuri_on_Ice_Key_Visual

A very popular anime, this was beautiful, intense, and funny. I was so invested in the skating scenes, that I would actually gasp if a skater fell. Plus, the routines were beautifully choreographed.
Yuri Plisetsky was definitely a highlight character for me. Not only was he an amazing skater, but he was so sassy and angry – it was great! He also did have a kind side in his own away, and I loved his obsession with tiger themed clothing.

I really enjoyed watching this anime, however, the season was also only 12 episodes long, so I’m looking forward to a second season (hopefully).


Attack on Titan (2013, 2016)

Back to the death theme, Attack on Titan is the story of humanity fighting against giant human-like creatures, called Titans; who eat people! It focuses on the main character, Eren, along with his foster sister, Mikasa and friend Armin. Eren is determined to destroy all the Titan’s after his mother is killed, and the three of them enlist in the military, training to become Scouts and fight against the Titans.

As such a popular show, I had been meaning to watch this for so long, but was always reluctant because of how horrific and harrowing it is. However, now that I’ve watched it, it is definitely one of my favourites! I finished Season 1 in 8 days..

Season 2 has only just started airing, and there’s only so much I can say about the show without spoiling it. I made the mistake of starting season 2, meaning I have to wait weekly for episodes, which is worse when so many of the episodes end on a cliffhanger! So I’ve decided now to just wait until it’s all out, and binge watch it).

Obviously, the themes in this show are a little more confronting, but the action is so good; all the fighting scenes are intense! Also, the music is so exhilarating, I sometimes just listen to it (and attempt to sing along in Japanese). I do like a lot of the characters in this show; I think Eren is a good main character, and a lot of the female characters are quite strong (Petra and Sasha are great). However, I think Captain Levi would have to be my favourite. Most of the time he has the same moody expression, and monotone voice, and I love that. He is also a great solider.

I am currently quite obsessed with this show; definitely in my top favourites!



There always seems to be online arguments with people saying that the Japanese/English subbed versions are better. While I think it’s great to watch them as they were originally intended, I am definitely more of a fan of the English Dub. Firstly, I think it’s because I grew up obviously watching anime in English, so it reminds me of that. Also, I really like to appreciate the story, drawing, and art of anime, something I would struggle with if I was reading subtitles. It’s definitely a personal preference.

With so many shows, where can it all be watched? I use the online streaming service AnimeLab, it’s basically Netflix for Anime!
You can access it for free, and watch shows with English Subtitles and adds, or become a premium subscriber for just $6.95 a month, which allows you access to English Dub (if available) and exclusive shows. I have been a subscriber for a while now, and think it is worth it if you’re a fan. You definitely get your money’s worth, and you’re supporting anime creators.


Well, that’s my little review on recent anime series’ I’ve watched. Let me know in the comments if you’re also a fan of anime, and if you’ve enjoyed any of these shows – I’d love to nerd out about them!

Now to delve into my list of anime shows to watch next..

Jess x


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As of this post, all the shows I spoke about are on AnimeLab, excluding Yuri!!! On Ice.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

July 31st, 2016 was the day I never thought I would say the words ‘the 8th Harry Potter book has been released!’

While I was of course excited about new Harry Potter content, I was a little sceptical about enjoying it as much, due to it being a playwright rather than a novel. However, that was not the case! I got lost in the world of Harry Potter as much as I did with any of the other books in the series, and really enjoyed reading the new story.

I didn’t end up getting the book the day it came out, like the majority of Harry Potter fans (last book release I was lucky enough to get the hardcover of the final book from my dad!) While I definitely went to get it when I was at the book shop, I found it to be sold out at many places. But on the Thursday after the release, I ventured into the beautiful and massive Dymocks in Melbourne and was thrilled to see they had many in stock!

On top of that, the Melbourne Dymocks store had set up the store in celebration of the release! There was so much Harry Potter merch, house flags, floating candles, and classroom set ups! It took me right back to my childhood, when Harry Potter promotion and merchandise was everywhere.
I remember Myer use to have a pop up Harry Potter store within the shop, and I can tell you that I would give anything for that to exist again, I really took it for granted..

Speaking of being a kid again, that’s exactly the excitement I felt having a new Harry Potter book in my hands! I just couldn’t wait to finish my uni class and get back home to read it.

The following contains spoilers!


One thing about The Cursed Child, was that it gave me closure about the previous Harry Potter stories, so thank you JK Rowling!
Firstly, about Harry, Ron, Hermione, and even Draco; hearing more about their relationships with each other, and their careers.
But also closure about the children; the last book didn’t give an insight into what the new generation was like, so it was nice focusing on them in this story. (Although, this book mainly concentrates on Albus Potter and Scorpios Malfoy, and I was left wondering what happened to Teddy Lupin..)

What I also loved about this next instalment was how the plot revolved a lot around Time and incorporated the past events of the Tri Wizards Tournament. It really made me think how much JK Rowling would have worked on the story, and how careful she had to be with details, to connect everything together! And I wonder how long she has know about what happens 19 years later..
Then there’s Albus and Scorpios tampering with the past to right Harry’s wrong, and prevent Cedric from being killed, and in turn, completely changing the future! I love how JK Rowling incorporated how important Neville was to the story. Considering he could easily have been the chosen one, and if he died, there would have been no one to kill Nagini and Voldemort would live! I was on the edge of my seat reading these parts of the story, and it was absolutely stressing me out!

But undoubtedly the biggest twist in The Cursed Child was, who I believe, the title cursed child was. I often speculated what the Harry Potter titles refer to while reading them, and had an assumption that the curse belonged to Albus, or even Harry, but I was completely shocked when I found out who Delphi, truly was.. It was the biggest shock to hear that Voldemort had a daughter.. to Bellatrix Lestrange!

Also, how awesome was Scorpios Malfoy?! He was so sweet and dorky, I loved him!



After closing the book I was left with similar feelings I had the last time the Harry Potter story finished.. I just laid on the floor, wondering what to do with my life now..?
That’s the frustrating thing about a good book, you want to finish it.. but at the same time, you really don’t!

I have to thank JK Rowling once again for bringing us back to the wonderful, magical world! Harry Potter will not only be a huge part of my time growing up, but it will always be a part of my life.

I now hope that I get the opportunity to see the play in the near future!

Let me know in the comments what you thought of The Cursed Child, and how excited you were for a new Harry Potter story!

Now I’m probably going to have yet another Harry Potter movie marathon, and wonder why I still haven’t received my Hogwarts letter..

Jess xx

Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. – JK Rowling

From the Page to Screen: Books I’ve been most excited to read

Book Reviews
Latest Reads – Book to Movie Adaptations  


These three books have been on my to-read list since I first heard about the movies they were being turned into. I prefer to read the book before the movie so that I can create my own envisage of the world, and I find that I get into it more if I don’t know what’s going to happen. Of course, this sometimes makes the movie less enjoyable, but I do like seeing the book come to life on screen.

Anyhow, I finally got around to reading this years anticipated movie,
Me Before You, and it’s sequel After You by Jojo Moyes, and the book to the 2014 film, ‘Love, Rosie’, Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. 

Here’s a small summary about each book, and my thoughts on them. Enjoy!

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This story follows the main character, 26 year old Louisa Clark, who has just lost her job at the Buttered Bun tea shop and needs to attend a Job Centre to find a new job and help support her family. While she really doesn’t have the experience, the best job being offered to her is the position of a carer for a disabled man, so Lou goes for the interview and finds that she gets the job.
The man she cares for, Will Traynor, is a 35 year old, wealthy and successful man, who can no longer live his active, adventurous life since becoming a quadriplegic from a recent motorbike accident.  

Will has lost all the joy in life from being restricted to a wheelchair, and caring for him becomes a battle for Lou. After a recent discovery, Lou’s life becomes devoted to Will’s and she has her heart set on achieving one goal, and showing Will that he can still enjoy a wonderful life.

I truly enjoyed this novel. It was perfect mix between humour and heartbreak, and was both beautiful and sad. I would say it was a love story, just not in a typical way. While there was surely romance, I felt that there was a strong sense of the love between two friends, who cared deeply about each other.

I found this book to be a great insight into a real adult life, rather than a fictional telling. Louisa and her family weren’t well off, she went to Job Centre’s, she needed money to support her family, and she was 26 and hadn’t settled down. I’m only 22, but I felt really connected to the story line of adult life being far from as perfect you use to think it would be as a child.
Overall, I believe the biggest message of this book was Will’s. He taught Lou how essential it was live in the moment, and make the most of her life. Enjoy what the world has to offer you, because you only get one chance.   

This book left me feeling a collective of emotions; I felt sad, blessed, lost, heartbroken, and at ease. To describe it in one word; beautiful. Definitely high up on my favourites list.

Live Boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle.. Just live well. Just live.  


After You by Jojo Moyes

As this is the sequel to Me before You it’s difficult to describe the plot without giving away the previous book. 
Essentially, the second book in the series continues to follow in Louisa’s point of view. Her life is still filled with complications, responsibility, sadness, and of course living your best life.

I’ll be honest and say I did prefer the first book, but I definitely still enjoyed this one! It was different, but good regardless. I think that what made me like it slightly less was purely my attachment to the first story. However, it was wonderful seeing how much Lou had grown from the previous one, and how different her life had become.
I really loved how the book (and the series) ended. One thing I need from a book is closure, and this one definitely had it. I felt as though I had been on this journey along with the characters, and there was a sense of happiness and relief when I closed the final page. I knew that I would surely miss Louisa and many of the other characters as if they were my own friends. 

I wish I could discuss more about this book, but anything I want to discuss would be a spoiler to both stories.. 


Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern

Rosie and Alex have been best friends since early childhood, and the two of them were partners in crime. They supported each other’s dreams; Rosie wanting to own a magnificent hotel, and Alex aiming to be a doctor. They both have a fun, and teasing friendship, and imagine they will be best friends for ever. Until, in their teens, Alex’s family relocates to America, and he must leave his best friend behind.

As hard as it is, the two of them must move on with their lives, while they stay in contact via letters and emails. Then, only a slight shift in circumstances changes Rosie’s life forever; when Alex can no longer attend their prom. 
Since becoming a young single mum, Rosie has to put her university education, and dream career, on hold to care for her daughter, Katie, all while hearing how Alex is excelling at medical school.

I spent months trying to find this novel at book shops near me! When hearing that it was a story entirely written as a collection of letters between the characters, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped. I love reading dialogue in a book, and find it’s much easier to become enraptured in the story, so I expected the letters to make it a lot slower. While that did happen at times, particularly at the beginning, I felt after awhile I really got into the story, and I struggled to put it down. I was finding myself getting out of bed more eager, just so I could read it with my breakfast! 

This was another story that I think reflected well on factual adult life; bad jobs, unexpected surprises, marriage problems, bringing up children, and ways that the character’s dealt with these problems in their lives. At times I felt really frustrated when reading, purely because when things started going right for Rosie, another problem would arise. She never could catch a break! Especially when  all she was hearing was how good Alex’s life was going for him. 

And without giving away anything, I think the ending was good, it made me feel happy but so angry at the same time. Which showed how much I become invested in Rosie and Alex’s story!

Overall, I enjoyed this book. An unfortunate take on two best friends, and their own love stories. It was also nice to read a young adult book written in a completely different way.


Now that I have read these beautiful books, I can finally get around to seeing the movies! I might even do a follow up post soon of what I thought of them as adaptations. 

Let me know in the comments if you have read any of these, and what your own thoughts are. Also, if you have seen the movies and how you compare the adaptation, I would love to hear your thoughts and chat about it.

And because both ‘Me Before You’ and ‘Love, Rosie’ have the same lead actor, I get to now go swoon over watching the utter beauty that is Sam Claflin…

Jess xx

Pokemon Go: The App I wish I could show my younger self

This is just going to be a short post, as I feel like I owe it to a younger version of me.

As you are sure to know by now, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm over the past few weeks! Growing up, I was obsessed with Pokemon; I watched the show and movies, played the games, collected the cards, and had so many Pokemon toys. I always wished that I could be a Pokemon Trainer myself, and go around and collect Pokemon of my own.

So you can image how excited the child within felt when Pokemon Go was released!
Annoyingly, I could’t download it straight away and was very jealous of my friends who had it. But about a week or so after it’s release, my phone allowed me to download it, and my nerdy self was far too excited!

Although it’s a pain with how much it drains your phone battery, and is still having some glitches, there is so many things I love about the app!

I feel like a real Pokemon Trainer!
I love being able to physically walk around in the real world, catching Pokemon and visiting stops and gyms! While it is structured differently to the classic game, with no battling (yet!), and collecting multiple of the same Pokemon, I feel like I have a virtual trainer alter ego in my pocket!

The app promotes being active
It’s great how this is a game that requires you to be physically active, rather than sitting around playing to get to the next level. I think it’s such a wonderful way to use technology to promote the importance of exercise to a world that is so revolved around electronic systems, especially in such a fun and nostalgic way!
Also, stop blaming the app for all this stupid behaviour associated with it, such as driving while playing, that’s just idiotic people..

Bringing people together
Probably my favourite thing about the app is how it brings people together. I’m quite an introverted person, but lately my friends and I have been using the app to go for drives or trips to the park, and it’s fantastic! We spent hours walking around a lake last week (after a lovely brunch catch up) exercising and chatting, while building our Pokemon collection.

The app has really rekindled my love for Pokemon. I may be 22, but I’m remembering why I loved it so much, and finding it enjoyable from a different perspective. Alongside Disney and Harry Potter, Anime, and particularly Pokemon, is just one of the nerdy things about me 🙂

If only I could tell my 8 year old self, that her geeky Pokemon obsession was about to completely blow her mind!

Jess xx


Summer Reading Wrap Up


Book Reviews
What I read in December 2015 – February 2016



I love summer for so many reasons! One of them being that I feel I have time to get a fair bit of reading done, without worrying about studying, work, or getting enough sleep.
Now that summer is sadly over, here are reviews of the books that accompanied me during the warm weather and relaxing days.


I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk
I am an incredibly festive person; I love absolutely everything about the Christmas season! So I now make it my December tradition to have a festive novel as my current read. I noticed this book in one of Zoella’s ‘Christmas Bedroom Inspiration’ videos about two years ago, and I hadn’t really heard of many Christmas books. It looked perfect so I noted it down to read.
My first impression while reading this book was that it reminded me of the girly books you read in early primary school (that I was never able to get into) except for adults! (In a good way!)

The story follows main character, Angela, who is very excited for the Christmas season (love a relatable protagonist!) However, life soon gets in the way of all her plans. She has a new job title at her magazine publishing company, her husband wants to settle down, one of her best friends wants a baby, and the other shows up at her door step, causing Angela’s relaxing festive season to turn into stressful nightmare.

While the theme of Christmas is merely that; a theme, I quite enjoyed this book. The story is more about Angela’s life during this season, rather than the actual celebration itself. I found the book easy to get lost in, which did surprise me because it is not something I would usually read.

I Heart Christmas is the sixth book in the I Heart Series by Lindsay Kelk, and even though I hadn’t read any of the previous books I didn’t find it difficult to follow at all. However, it’s frustrating me that I have read the last one now, so I really need to go and read the rest of the series..!

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

I discovered this book a while back but never actually started it, but there has been so much hype about Rainbow Rowell over the internet recently, so I couldn’t go past not giving her books a read.

I found Eleanor and Park to essentially be about being an outsider in high school, and finding someone you can feel comfortable around, someone who bring to good out of you. Eleanor is the new girl at school, and if that wasn’t enough to make her stand out, her classmates think that her personality and the way she dresses is odd. Eleanor sits next to the odd boy with the comic books on the bus named Park, and soon a first love blossoms.

This book switches between both Eleanor and Park’s point of view, which I like, because it shows the feelings of young love from both the perspective of the boy and the girl. This book doesn’t have climatic, roller-coaster type events, but I think that really does add to the essence of it. It’s real. I love a good, sappy love story, and there is nothing wrong with dreaming of a fairytale ending. But Rowell shows that a first love isn’t always the fairytale portrayed in movies. She doesn’t sugar coat it; she writes Eleanor and Park’s love story as it is.

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

I had heard a lot of hype about this book as well, and when I heard the synopsis of it I was itching to see how the story was going to go. I could not put this book down!  It reminded me of a cross between The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. I loved it.

All Theodore Finch thinks about is death and ways he can kill himself. Violet Markey suffered a tragedy in her life, and dreams of the day she finally graduates. The pair meet on the ledge of their school bell tower, and it’s hard to tell who saves who. Theodore and Violet are then paired together on a school project about discovering the natural wonders of their state, but it becomes more than that; they both learn a new outlook on life from one another, and go on adventures they never thought they would come to love.

I have so much love for this book! Jennifer Niven wrote and incredibly beautiful story, and such a great insight into the life of someone with depression. She doesn’t try to glorify such an illness nor make it more than what it is. Niven has taken a different approach to a character with depression, and shows that it is a hidden demon, and never the same for two people.

My favourite quote from this book sums it up perfectly-

It’s my experience that people are a lot more sympathetic if they can see you hurting, and for the millionth time in my life I wish for measles or smallpox or some other easily understood disease just to make it easier on me and also on them.

I found myself not wanting to put this book down. I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next, but didn’t want the story to end!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

A story about a girl who loves reading and writing, and get’s lost in a fictional world and loves it more than reality? This book was written for me! This was another book that recently had a lot of people talking, and I’m glad I gave it a read.

Fangirl is the story of Cath, who is off to college with her twin sister, Wren. The two have always been incredibly close, bonding of their favourite story ‘Simon Snow’. However, Wren wants independence, and to start living her own life, while Cath wants to continue to immerse herself into her fanfiction; not wanting to live the ‘college lifestyle’. Cath is excited to study fiction writing, but receives a shock when her professor doesn’t believe fan fiction (Cath’s one true love) is an appropriate type of writing at such a professional level. On top of that, Cath must deal with Regan, her intimidating room-mate, Levi, her room-mates over-charming boyfriend, Nick, her writing partner with the gorgeous face, all while worrying about Wren’s partying antics!

I think this storyline can come across as naive, but there is so much more to it. The theme in this book isn’t obvious, but it is so strong; there is nothing wrong with what you like, and furthermore, who you are; always stay true to yourself.

Rainbow Rowell stated in FAQ at the end of the book that Cath has social anxiety and a fear of change, and a strong desire to escape into fiction. I think that Rowell did a fantatic job at portraying such relatable issues in a way that is not often understood.

This book was really entertaining and drew me in straight away. I fell in love with the characters, and even found myself challenging some of the choices they made.. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.


A new genre of books has been opened up to me. Most of my life I spent only reading a specific type of book (particularly fantasy), but over these past two years I have discovered my love for a new range of stories. I think I have John Green and The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chboskyto thank for that, he has opened my eyes to a new way of perceiving the world around us.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read any of the books I’ve spoken about, and your thoughts on them, or if you plan on reading them now. I would love to have a book chat with you!

Jess xx

The Fault in Our Stars


So I had been looking forward to this day for a ageees! Last Friday the 11th of July, I finally saw The Fault in Our Stars movie.
I first heard of John Green’s book before Christmas last year, and immediately wanted to read it. I finished it in I think just over a week, I couldn’t put it down! The Fault in Our Stars is now one of my favourite books. I love his writing style, I love the quotes, and I think the mixture of truth and romance is just beautiful. This story made me laugh, cry, and feel something. As for the characters, I think Augustus Waters is one of my favourite fictional characters. I must admit I did fall in love with him just a little bit..

Once I finally saw the trailer, I became even more excited to see this story retold on the big screen. 
Unfortunately I had no time to see the movie when it first came out, which made me even more anxious. Then finally came a day when I was free! I even dragged my parents along to show them how amazing it was.
The movie really did the book justice. Firstly, I think that the casting of Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort was perfect for Hazel and Gus, they are both incredible actors. I really loved every second of this movie, for me, the essence of the book was really captured on screen.
And I had no doubt that I would be in a mess of sobs and tears, which I was. Shouldn’t have worn make up that day..
There are two movies that I uncontrollably sob every time I see them; My Dog Skip, My Sister’s Keeper, and now The Fault in Our Stars will be on that list.
I even think my body started to get emotional, because my leg decided to cramp up really badly near the end, and I couldn’t just stand up and stretch it out or say anything, and I wasn’t going to walk out!
I still felt sad hours after the movie had finished.

Obviously this is hard to write about without including any spoilers. I really do recommend this book, it’s a fantastic read and will really leave an impact on you. The same goes for the movie, just make sure you bring a box of tissues!
I’m already hanging out for it to come out on DVD.. Especially to see John Green’s deleted scene and any extra footage of Ansel..
Jess x