Nova FM sent me to see Harry Styles!

It was an afternoon like any other – I was sitting outside, listening to the radio while getting some study done for uni. I had Nova FM turned up extra loud because they were giving away tickets to see Mr Harry Styles. I’m always one to enter radio competitions, so when they said to call now, I picked up the phone and continued dialing. I hoped I would get through, but didn’t get my hopes up. However, for one call it didn’t hang up or just ring out.. it started playing the music that was on the radio, and then the host of the show answered.. and told me I had won tickets to Harry Styles?!

33035974_1963836220301537_8379927506022563840_nBeing a fan of One Direction since 2012 (and being lucky enough to have seen them twice), I definitely wanted to see Harry’s solo tour, but missed out as tickets went so quickly. I had now been given the chance to see him!

And of course two days before the concert,  only I would I come down with a slight case of the flu.. (same with my mum, who I brought along). That wasn’t going to stop me from going! After a morning at uni, and then an appointment, we were finally on our way into the city to see Harry!

Even though doors had already opened, there was a huge line outside the venue when we arrived, as everyone was being security checked, and much more intensely then I have experienced at a concert. While there were the usual bag checks and taking lids of drink bottles (which I still don’t understand why), they had airport-style body scanners! I think this was because of the horrible events that occurred at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert. Of course it’s great to see them going the extra mile to keep everyone safe, it’s just sad that it has to be done, especially for things as fun as a concert.

On a lighter note though, it was almost time to see Harry!

Just after 9pm, the lights went down, the band started playing, and Harry hit that stage! His new music and rocky voice sounded incredible echoing throughout the arena! As well as his radiating presence on stage, both through his performance and cheeky bants with the audience (I love that dorky man). Throughout the night, he seemed to have a thing for singing Horses by Daryl Braithwaite, and got the audience to sing it before his encore, to which he came on dancing to. That was memorable for me, because my mum loves Daryl Braithwaite, who was in her favourite band, and we were seeing one of my favourite singers, from my favourite bands, loving it!

Just to hear my favourite songs from the album was amazing – Woman, Sweet Creature, Only Angel and Two Ghosts. He also did some new renditions of One Direction songs, which were great to hear (as well as singing to Olivia when it was played before he came out). Kiwi was definitely a highlight for me – that song is the best to just sing loudly and dance around crazily to!! What a way to end the show (not that I ever wanted it to end)!

I love Harry for so many reasons, and can honestly say he puts on an incredible show! He is so talented, super down to earth, and man is he handsome! I could sit here and write about my love for him, and how great his show was, but it would probably just turn into a mess of words to be honest..

I may have hardly had a voice or much energy, but I still sang with a croaky voice, and danced my heart out! I found it lovely how Harry said that tonight was a place we could have the time of out lives, and be whoever we wanted to be, and that’s exactly what I love about concerts – I forgot how unwell I was, I wasn’t thinking about anything else, I was just lost in the music.

A huge thank you to DC and Nova100! 2 weeks earlier, I thought I had missed out on seeing Harry, but thanks to you I was able to have the best time seeing him perform! So, thank you! I just want to relive this night over and over again – as I wanted to the last time I saw One Direction!

I’ve saved a story on my Instagram, filming a few snippets of songs too 🙂

And remember to always treat people with kindness ♡
Jess xx

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Blue Exorcist – A Quick Review

A while back, I made a post about jumping on the anime bandwagon and talking about the most recent ones I watched (which you can read here). While I was going to continue watching further series, I wasn’t planning on doing anymore reviews. However I just finished one that I highly enjoyed, and had to make mention of.


Blue Exorcist (2011-) tells the story of Rin Okumura, and his younger twin brother Yukio, living with their father Shiro, a priest. Rin soon discovers that he and Yukio are actually the sons of Satan, and Rin inherited his demonic powers. Wanting to becoming an exorcist and defeat Satan, Rin enrolls at his brothers school, True Cross Academy, where he must learn to control his new powers. The anime focuses on Rin and fellow classmates training to become exorcists with their teacher, and fellow exorcist, Yukio, in order to protect Assiah (the human world) from Gehenna (the demon world). 

The show told a really exciting and compelling story, and I was obsessed only a few episodes in. Season 1 is only 25 episodes long, and I ended up watching it relatively quickly – it often ended on a cliff hanger or previewed the next episode in an intreaging way!
It also has a good mix of humor, action and drama, which is probably my favourite type of anime, as well as a great range of characters. I definitely think it’s in my top favourites (along with Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Death Note, Pokemon and Sailor Moon)

Blue Exorcist also has a movie, which I enjoyed just as much. Anime films, even those adapted from tv series, are often well made, and this was no exception – I thought it was quite beautiful, and still contained the humour and action from the series.

One thing that did draw me to this show was that Rin is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook, whom I really enjoy as a voice actor. I enjoy hearing him in other anime and always love the characters he portrays, so I knew I had to watch.

Something that I didn’t speak about last time was how pleasing anime characters are to look at! Yes, they are cartoons.. but literally everyone is attractive! I adored Rin Okumura! He had that whole high schooler-demonic monster thing going on, very attractive 😛
img_0285I could probably list a heap of anime characters I’ve had crushes on, the first being Ash Ketchum when I was younger! L, Kirito, Yurio, Eren.. and don’t even get me started on goddam Captain Levi..! *swoon*

Anyway, moving on.. if you are interested in watching Blue Exorcist, both season 1 and 2, and the movie are all currently on AnimeLab, which you can access subbed for free or subbed/dubbed for $6.95 a month, which I’ve linked below.

I really like being involved in the anime fandom. Not only does it have really good stories you become invested in, but it has great fan culture! Merch, conventions, extra content for shows, and that’s just the surface of it. When you become obsessed with a show, you can truly get fully into it!


Let me know in the comments if you’ve watched Blue Exorcist, and what you thought about it. Also feel free to post a comment if you’ve had a crush on any anime or cartoon characters – it would sure make me feel better!

Jess xx


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Girl Online – A trilogy by Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg is an inspiration of mine for many reasons, one being her love of books and releasing her own series.

Girl Online is a trilogy, with 2 sequels following, tilted Girl Online: On Tour, and Girl Online: Going Solo. I obviously can’t talk too much about the plot as it develops, without ruining the whole series, so I’ll just give you a synopsis of the first book.


This is the story of Penny, who runs a blog under the secret name ‘GirlOnline’. Penny is a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks, and uses her online platform as a place of comfort and support. Due to her mother’s wedding planning business, Penny and her family travel to New York, where she meets a gorgeous musician called Noah. 

I wish I wrote about the books when I originally read them, the first one being published in 2014, as the story isn’t as fresh. Yet, I have just finished reading the third book in the series, so I’m writing a post about the trilogy overall.


Firstly, I did feel that this book was aimed at a younger YA audience, in both writing style and story line, maybe high school age. However, I don’t mean that in a negative way. I’m 23 years old, and young adult books are my favourite style. Sometimes I prefer to read books that are less complicated, and I can just enjoy as a nice story. Despite it being a simpler read, the series still contained twists in the plot, important story lines, and was overall a engaging read.

I soon became very invested in this story, and struggled to put it down. I found mysef wanting to stop my everyday activities just to find out what happens next, and read the first one in just over a week I think. In fact, I think Zoe did this quite well. I remember the first book finished in a way that made me so frustrated (in a good way) because I needed to know what was going to happen next! For me, that makes a really good book.

Something that I really loved about the books, is that it tapped into a younger version of myself. I felt the emotions that Penny would have been feeling about Noah. I got excited from the adventures they went on, and got warm and fuzzy when Noah did something sweet for her. Not gonna lie, I would totally date Noah 😛 It’s definitely the kind of love story I would have dreamed of happening to me as a teenager!
Parts of the story even made me smile or laugh out loud.

Additionally, the mental health aspect of the books was something I could easily relate to. I think it was really great that Zoe incorporated something that she suffers with in her everyday life, as a part of her fictional work, and showed ways in which Penny would learn to deal with her anxiety and panic attacks.
This was one of the first novels I read that spoke about mental health, such as anxiety, and it was comforting to know that the way I felt was normal, even if that was through a fictional character.

Other themes that I thought we really good in the series, is how it touched on content that most teenagers would be experiencing – family drama, friendship, and school.
I also appreciate how Zoe portrayed the ‘internet generation’. How a lot of the older generation may look at young people always being anti-social on their phones and computers, when there is so much more to it. We can use the internet to socialize, share our thoughts and feelings, and learn.

Lastly, the importance of doing things for yourself. Throughout the series, Penny learns to put herself first and focus on her own happiness. Of course, you should be supportive of your friends and family, but you need to remember that your health and happiness is important too.

I think the main thin that helped make everything better was choosing to work on me before anyone else. How can you be truly happy with someone else when you aren’t in the best place you can be for you?

Penny – Girl Online: Going Solo


I also want to mention how this series was part of the motivation to try writing again. All my life I have loved reading, and always felt a bit lost if I didn’t have a book on the go. One of my dreams was also to publish my own book one day, and I was often writing my own stories at home or for class. After knowing that Zoe had the same dream, and seeing her work hard and achieve it, I regained that goal.


Zoe shows such a passion for reading and writing, and I think it’s really great that as such a big online personality, she is advocating how great reading is! She even has her own Book Club through WH Smith, which you can find out more about here and here.
As such a big fan of her, I was also very happy when I got a singed edition Girl Online: Going Solo. You can read about the little fangirl moment I had in the bookshop here!


I really enjoyed reading the Girl Online series. I do wish it was around when I was a teenager, as I think it would have been really helpful for me, however I appreciate it just as much. Overall, would give each book a rating of:
Girl Online ★★★★
Girl Online: On Tour ★★★
Girl Online: Going Solo ★★★☆


Have you read this series? What were your thoughts of it? Let me know in the comments, I would love to chat with other fans of the books 🙂

Jess xx

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I actually started writing about my views on the controversy surrounding this book being written by a YouTuber and that Zoe got help writing it, but decided to delete it. Everyone is going to have a different opinion, and at the end of the day that stuff really didn’t bother me. I enjoyed the book, and that’s what my post is about 🙂