Visiting Werribee Zoo & How you can fight Animal Extinction

At the end of last moth, my parents took me out to Werribee Zoo for the first time as a (very belated) birthday present. I have wanted to visit Werribee Zoo for as long as I can remember, being an African styled, open range zoo. Plus, since they announced the birth of new lion cubs, one of my favourite animals, I just had to go! I have had a love for lions and Africa since I watched The Lion King as a young kid, so I today was a very exciting day for me.

I was so excited seeing the lion family! The little cubs were so cute, the lioness’ were beautiful, and the male was just gorgeous! It was around the afternoon that we saw them, and they were all having a sleep in the sun. So unfortunately they weren’t bounding around being cute, but I was amazed none the less at seeing such beautiful creatures (we sat there for so long just watching them)

I was also very lucky to have the opportunity to do an animal encounter, and feed the giraffes! And what an experience that was! They are magnificent creatures (and even bigger than I would have imagined!) First we got to feed them acacia branches, and they were so strong! I really loved feeding them vegetables out of my hand, because you had more of a connection with them, and they were quite gentle.
The keepers also took us on a tour of other areas of the giraffe enclosure, and told us all about how they are looked after, which was really interesting.
The encounter was $50 and ran for 90 minutes – I can definitely say you get your money worth!


I took a lot of photos of all the beautiful animals at the zoo, so I hope you enjoy them 🙂
*The first 2, and the meerkat on the rock were taken by my dad



I had a really lovely day out at the zoo with my family. The animals I was most excited to see were the lions and the wild dogs, as well as the new baby zebra and baby meerkats, but I loved seeing them all! I also really enjoyed going on a safari ride around the zoo, it had a nice African vibe. And of course, being so close to the giraffes was a truly amazing experience.

I also really want to mention about being a Zoo Member. I became one at the start of this year, and it costs around $7 a month (or you can pay yearly), which gives you unlimited entry to Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo and Healsville Sanctuary in Victoria. I’m always happy to visit the zoo, so this definitely saves money. A well as that, money goes towards conservation and helping endangered animals. I love knowing that I am assisting such a great cause, and being a part of something I am so passionate about – all while being able to visit magnificent creatures.

Another great way to show your support is through ‘Beads for Wildlife’. By purchasing these beautiful, handmade bead products, you can support families and endangered wildlife in Northern Kenya. Such a great cause – I bought a little giraffe and my mum bought an elephant.

The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves 

– Jane Goodall

Jess xx

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The Fault in Our Stars


So I had been looking forward to this day for a ageees! Last Friday the 11th of July, I finally saw The Fault in Our Stars movie.
I first heard of John Green’s book before Christmas last year, and immediately wanted to read it. I finished it in I think just over a week, I couldn’t put it down! The Fault in Our Stars is now one of my favourite books. I love his writing style, I love the quotes, and I think the mixture of truth and romance is just beautiful. This story made me laugh, cry, and feel something. As for the characters, I think Augustus Waters is one of my favourite fictional characters. I must admit I did fall in love with him just a little bit..

Once I finally saw the trailer, I became even more excited to see this story retold on the big screen. 
Unfortunately I had no time to see the movie when it first came out, which made me even more anxious. Then finally came a day when I was free! I even dragged my parents along to show them how amazing it was.
The movie really did the book justice. Firstly, I think that the casting of Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort was perfect for Hazel and Gus, they are both incredible actors. I really loved every second of this movie, for me, the essence of the book was really captured on screen.
And I had no doubt that I would be in a mess of sobs and tears, which I was. Shouldn’t have worn make up that day..
There are two movies that I uncontrollably sob every time I see them; My Dog Skip, My Sister’s Keeper, and now The Fault in Our Stars will be on that list.
I even think my body started to get emotional, because my leg decided to cramp up really badly near the end, and I couldn’t just stand up and stretch it out or say anything, and I wasn’t going to walk out!
I still felt sad hours after the movie had finished.

Obviously this is hard to write about without including any spoilers. I really do recommend this book, it’s a fantastic read and will really leave an impact on you. The same goes for the movie, just make sure you bring a box of tissues!
I’m already hanging out for it to come out on DVD.. Especially to see John Green’s deleted scene and any extra footage of Ansel..
Jess x